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Top 10 YouTube Chiropractors


There are many reasons why chiropractic videos on YouTube have become so popular over the last few years. Some people just like to watch them because it’s relaxing, some viewers are what many refer to as “crack-a-holics”, still others watch them for educational purposes, and then there is the ASMR crowd.

Whatever the reason you have been drawn to these YouTube videos, here are the best of the best for YouTube chiropractic channels.

10. Lifespring Chiropractic

Dr. Scott Mitchell and Dr. Matt Delgado teamed up in their Austin, Texas office to provide chiropractic care and entertaining videos for all the crack-a-holics out there. Lifespring is one of the newest content creators in the chiro industry but they have quickly gained a following on YouTube.

One thing that has set Lifespring Chiropractic apart from some of the other chiropractic content creators is their very informative “explainer videos”, where they go over the etiology and possible causes of various joint and bone conditions that afflict their patients.

9. Dr. Alex Tubio

Dr. Tubio is one of the newcomers on the YouTube chiropractic scene but he has made quite a splash! He has only been making chiropractic treatment videos for about 2 years now but he has somehow managed to amass around 200 video uploads in that time. He has been cranking out his videos daily at times and with some very positive results. He has gathered a following of over half a million subscribers in his short time on YouTube with his upbeat and entertaining on-camera persona.

Dr. Tubio became innately interested in chiropractic care after suffering with chronic pain and tingling down his legs as a young adult. He was not even capable of standing for more than 10 minutes when his chronic condition was at it’s worst. He finally received the treatment he needed from a chiropractor and his own journey as a chiropractic provider began.

Dr. Tubio specializes in corrective chiropractic care that focuses on obtaining the natural spinal structure his patients had at one time and then retaining their spinal and paraspinal muscular health.

8. Joseph Cipriano, DC

Dr. Cipriano is a chiropractor with a clinic in Greenville, South Carolina, who makes online content focused on treating hyperkyphosis and scoliosis, as well as general and initial adjustments for new patients. His content is upbeat and quick-witted, which makes for entertaining videos.

Dr. Cipriano also uses a Y-strap technique to adjust and decompress the cervical spine of his patients who are suffering from ongoing neck and shoulder pain. He also uploads great compilation videos for viewers who love to watch snippets of a variety of different techniques and cases.

Dr. Cipriano attended Oakland University in 2005 and went on to graduate from Life University in 2016. He is nearing 2 million subscribers and has been uploading YouTube chiropractic videos for 3 years now.

7. Dr. Jason Worrall

Dr. Jason Worrall, simply known in the online chiropractic community as “Dr. Jason”, has one of the longest-running chiropractic specialty channels on YouTube, having been a content creator for about a decade now. Dr. Jason operates his state-of-the-art chiropractic facility in Southern California and has been a provider for many years.

Dr. Jason suffered from chronic pain after he was involved in a serious car accident as a young teenager and that adversity inspired him to help others who are battling with chronic pain. His past experiences have emboldened and inspired him to help others overcome their trauma just like he did many years ago. The passion he has for helping patients overcome their chronic pain is apparent to all the viewers and subscribers who watch his videos.

Dr. Jason studied at Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, Georgia, and he continues to study and fine tune his practice and is also involved in educating others via presentations and seminars.

6. Mondragon Chiropractic

Dr. Brenda Mondragon has accrued millions of views on her YouTube channel over the past three years and her channel continues to grow steadily. Dr. Mondragon’s primary practice is located in Orlando, Florida, but she is also licensed to practice in the State of California. She has an uplifting and personable bedside manner that her patients and viewers just love.

She also specializes in videos that feature comical reactions of her patients to adjustments, many of whom have never been adjusted before. Dr. Mondragon also specializes in myofascial release techniques, so she is not simply focused on adjusting joints and putting bones or vertebrae back into place. She received her bachelor’s degree from Eckerd College and went on to attain a doctorate degree from Palmer Chiropractic College.

5. Dr. Gregory Johnson, Advanced Chiropractic Relief

Gregory Johnson, DC, brings his southern charm and humor to his viewers, as well as some amazing cracks. He has a very personable approach to his care and explains his techniques well to his patients. He has been running his chiropractic office in Houston, Texas for over 35 years and has been producing videos for over 3 years.

Over his long career, Dr. Johnson has won local chiropractic awards and helped professional athletes and people of all walks of life to overcome their chronic pain. Check out his video below, it’s a real ring dinger!

4. Dr. Binder, Chiropractic Medicine

Brent Binder, DC, has a chiropractic facility in Pennsylvania and has been publishing YouTube videos for about two years now. Dr. Binder has lectured at a number of colleges since 2006 on subjects such as anatomy, biology, and nutrition. Dr. Binder also travels to teach in other countries in Europe, Asia, and South America.

He has a unique approach all his own and some of his techniques are rarely used by other well-known chiros on YouTube. He frequently uses palpation and temperature variance to diagnose conditions. He also seems to be a favorite in the ASMR community.

3. Dr. Beau Hightower

Beau Hightower, DN, is THE chiropractor for UFC fighters, weightlifters, and professional athletes, including Olympic athletes. He has been creating his YouTube content for over 3 years now and has gained hundreds of millions of views.

Some of the loudest cracks to ever come out of a joint have been heard on his channel. Beau gained interest in sports therapy and holistic medicine in the University of New Mexico back in 2003-2005 when he played the linebacker position.

2. Dr. Ian

Dr. Ian Rossborough runs his chiropractic clinic in Melbourne, Australia and tackles extreme cases of spinal and back disorders. Super knowledgeable and empathetic, he treats patients who have received care elsewhere but were unable to recover from their disorder and chronic pain. Dr. Ian has a soothing demeanor and relaxing voice, which I’m sure only makes his videos more popular to watch.

Dr. Ian has a background as a nurse and has been treating patients for over 30 years. He has been making chiropractic videos for over 4 years.

1. Dr. Rahim

Rahim Salehmohamed, DC, is located in Los Angeles and runs a chiropractor practice using the Gonstead technique, a technique that detects dysfunction and abnormalities in the spinal cord by using a variety of diagnostic tools and methods. Dr. Rahim has been practicing for over 14 years and he created his YouTube channel five years ago in 2015.

He has a great bedside manner, is funny and entertaining, and his patients and viewers love him. Viewers seem to really enjoy watching his “scoping” technique – there is just something satisfying about it. He has patients come to see him at his practice from all over the world. “That’s a home run!”


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